Food Preparation

Beko’s new range of food preparation appliances is perfect for those kitchen gadget lovers. If you’re looking for a handy solution to your daily food preparation needs, we offer a range of hand blender sets which come with a selection of accessories to help you save time in the kitchen.

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TBV8104X Stainless Steel Vacuum Blender

Vacuum Blender
Price: £200.00

TBS3164X Stainless Steel Power Blender

Power Blender
Price: £180.00

TBN7400W White New Line Table Blender

New Line Table Blender
Price: £50.00

HBA7606W White New Line Hand Blender

New Line Hand Blender
Price: £40.00

HBA6700W White Sense Hand Blender Set

Sense Hand Blender Set
Price: £50.00

TBN6602W White Sense Table Blender

Sense Table Blender
Price: £35.00
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